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Via Cantonale · 6802 Rivera Monteceneri · Switzerland ·

Cloud is inceasingly becoming important into today's enterprises. Choosing and manage the right cloud solution, be it private or public, is strategic and requires high skills. GARL Sagl has proven worldwide experience to build and help customer manage multi-cloud solutions, i.e. Kubernetes, OpenStack and Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructures and services built on-top. Security is first class citizend on our engagements, where we focust the most.



Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage and other services to help businesses scale and grow. Many of our customers decided to embrace AWS' services as part of their strategic IT vision. GARL Sagl help customers in creating, maintaining and building a more secure cloud infrastructure through Amazon AWS.

Cloud Security Assessment

Cloud advantages are undoubted, but how about security? GARL Sagl have experience in Cloud platform and long experience in security, helping our customers in having a security-aware cloud infrastructure. GARL Sagl assess, implement and help customer manage their own security policy through new Cloud technologies.

Software Defined Infrastructure: Ceph

Cloud resources are demanding more and more storage, be it object (where you backup or store simple files) or block (where your virtual machines creates data). Traditional enterprise storage is getting expensive and won't allow you to start from small to grow indefinitely. Swift and Ceph are Software Defined Storage that will help you scaling out your storage infrastructure on a budget, without the hassle to plan in large advance your growth.

Happy Customers

  • Pirelli: Cloud Security Consulting
  • Prometeon: Cloud Infrastructure, Automation and CI/CD
  • SUSE: Cloud Consulting & Design
  • RedHat: Cloud Consulting & Design
  • Saipem: Cloud Infrastructure and Automation
  • Eutelsat: Infrastructure and Big Data
  • ...and many more! Just ask for our references.